An M&K Ambassador is someone who embraces the M&K health journey and wants to share it with others. To become an M&K Ambassador just organize an event in your city. If you gather up 20 or more people who are interested in getting to know Tandy and M&K. Tandy will visit your city and host a custom 2 hour event just for you and your 20 friends.
Nunu Lollis
Nunu Lollis: Local artisan gluten and dairy free chocolate lollipops by NuNu's Chocolates.
Pink Salts
Pink Salts: M&K's first batch of M&K Love; Himalayan Pink Salt.
Tea: These cute envelopes were filled with an assortment of my favorite hot teas.
Thera Bands
Thera Bands: The best resistance band there is, hand cut Thera Bands.
VSX Voucher
VSX Voucher: 20% off Victoria's Secret Sport Vouchers!
Hugo Hair Conditioner
Hugo Hair Conditioner: Gluten Free, organic beauty product!
M&K Custom Cuff
M&K Custom Cuff: Custom M&K Cuff Bracelets to channel our inner Wonder Woman!
M&K Tank
M&K Tank: After a year and a half of asking, we finally got our custom logo tank made!
Sombra: Sombra: All natural pain relieving gel.
Pink Lamp
Pink Lamp: Pink Salt Lamps for air purification, relaxation and to balance 'screen time'
Epsom Salt Soak
Epsom Salt Soak: Essential Oil Epsom Salt Blends
Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen: Bee Pollen is an incredible natural source of amino acids and B vitamins!
Adult Coloring books
Adult Coloring books: A fun way to sneak in self-care and meditation time in your life.
Interested in becoming an M&K Ambassador?
Meet Our Ambassadors
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Saint Louis, mo
Loren is a mom to 2 energetic boys and a photographer. The M&K lifestyle is the perfect way to balance fitness and nutrition.
, NY
I'm a stay at home mom to a 10yo boy and 5yo girl & a preschool teacher. I love that M&K has become my new coffee and I can't start my day without it. The M&K lifestyle keeps health and wellness at the front of my mind, both for myself and my family! With the motto of "Better is better" M&K really can set anyone up for success.rn
Butler, MO
Piper Bettels is the mother of twins and the owner of What to Wear Boutique in Butler, MO. She is a big fan and supporter of the M&K lifestyle.
Seattle, WA
Emily Cherkin is a teacher, writer, and mother of two. She loves the way the M&K workouts fit into her busy days. Emily loves feeling longer, stronger, and leaner!
Cotati, CA
I am a 54 year old mother of 7 year old triplets. I am able to be a stay at home Momma, Being an older Mom I want to stay active, healthy and well. They love getting on the mat with me and mostly watching me transform into a much happier and fun
, ny
Eliza Ordway is the mother of two with busy social lives in a rural area of Western New York. Working full time, with a husband on swing shift and juggling the extras in life proves to be a challenge. Eliza has embraced the M&K philosophy of it's a practice not a perfect along with the ease of squeezing workouts into hectic days and keeping the good food in her body.
Austin, TX
Christine Schiele is a mother of an 18 year old, writer, storyteller and hypnotist. As a former dancer she relies on M&K to keep her stretched out and strong.
Lubbock , TX
I have been a successful Pilates instructor nationwide for 14 years. While having great skill with the method, I still struggled with endless weight fluctuation. Not until subscribing to M&K in 2013 did I see the power of Tandy's simple and effective food philosophy. Tandy is a master teacher of ingenious workouts and nutrition habits. M&K is light years ahead of its time in fitness and I am honored to spread the good word.
, MO
Keli Jackson runs a business and trains a growing team from home. Tandy got her into Pilates in college and I'm thrilled to have her methods back in my life, in my living room on my schedule!
Santa Rosa, Ca
In my early teens, I needed to have major back surgery to repair my scoliosis. A titanium rod was permanently affixed to my spine. Fast forward and after a couple of major injuries and subsequent surgeries, I found myself in a fitness cul de sac. Weight gain and body image issues increased as the physical activity decreased from my life. I crossed with Mat & Kitchen at the encouragement of my dear friend who spoke so highly of the program, I finally agreed to listen. It took one session with Tandy and I never looked back. It is an honor to be an ambassador for such an amazing person and life-changing program.
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